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The Team

Colin Choi

My name is Colin Choi and I am a freshman majoring in Environmental Studies at the University of Southern California. I became interested in protecting the environment and started this non-profit early in my sophomore year of high school after realizing that human activity has a tremendous influence on the environment. Living in Southern California, water conservation as well as the availability of clean water are popular topics. How we dispose of our waste, particularly unused medications, has a direct impact on water safety.  I wanted to bring more attention to this emerging issue after realizing that many areas, including my own, lack access to drug disposal drop-off sites. 

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Noah Lee
Board Member

Noah graduated from Cornell University with a degree in Nutritional Sciences and is currently applying to medical school. With his goal of becoming a medical professional, he became aware of the importance of proper drug disposal and how it impacts the health of others by limiting misuse and keeping medicines out of the environment. While studying at Cornell he noticed how easy it was to dispose of unwanted medications in Ithaca which motivated him to improve drug-disposal accessibility to areas in need.


Joanna Jeong
Board Member

Joanna graduated from the University of California, Riverside with a B.S. in Biology. Currently working at a small health clinic, she often comes across patients who are unaware of safe ways to dispose of unused medications. Such encounters have driven her curiosity and eagerness in raising awareness for safe drug disposal. With a background in biology and a deep appreciation for nature, Joanna also recognizes the importance of protecting the environment against chemical substances. Through PWAD, Joanna hopes to build towards making ecologically-safe drug disposal sites more widely available in our local communities, and therefore, protecting our waters from potentially harmful substances.

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